Item Power Spoilers

This is the full list of "powers" that can be assigned to items and artifacts via the "U:" lines. This list can be used as referrence for those reading or editing the text files in the lib/edit directory.

Note that the last two eight are actually "hooks" for hacks that involve hard-coded item abilties, and can not be assigned to other items.

Power Description
POW_HEAL_1reduces cuts and heals you a little
POW_HEAL_2reduces cuts and heals you a moderate amount
POW_HEAL_3reduces cuts and heals you a large amount
POW_HEAL_4heals you a very large amount, eliminates cuts and stunning
POW_HEAL_5heals you fully, eliminates cuts and stunning
POW_HEAL_CURE_1heals some damage, cures stunning effects and reduces cuts
POW_HEAL_CURE_2heals a moderate amount, cures negative effects
POW_HEAL_CURE_3heals a large amount, cures negative effects
POW_HEAL_CURE_4heals you a very large amount, cures negative effects
POW_LIFErestores you to perfect health and condition
POW_RESTORE_MANArestores mana to full level
POW_RESTORE_MANA_INTrestores mana to full level, and also restores intelligence
POW_RESTORE_STRrestores your strength
POW_RESTORE_INTrestores your intelligence
POW_RESTORE_WISrestores your wisdom
POW_RESTORE_DEXrestores your dexterity
POW_RESTORE_CONrestores your constitution
POW_RESTORE_CHRrestores your charisma
POW_RESTORE_STATSrestores all stats
POW_RESTORE_LEVELrestores experience level
POW_RESTORE_ALLrestores experience level and all stats
POW_GAIN_STRpermanently raises your strength
POW_GAIN_INTpermanently raises your intelligence
POW_GAIN_WISpermanently raises your wisdom
POW_GAIN_DEXpermanently raises your dexterity
POW_GAIN_CONpermanently raises your constitution
POW_GAIN_CHRpermanently raises your charisma
POW_GAIN_ALLpermanently raises all stats
POW_GAIN_EXPpermanently raises your experience level
POW_CURE_CONFUSIONremoves any confusion you currently feel
POW_CURE_DISEASErids your body of all disease
POW_CURE_POISONremoves all poison from your body
POW_CURE_POIS_DISEremoves all poison and disease from your body
POW_CURE_FEAR_POISremoves fear from your mind and poison from your body
POW_CURE_TAINTremoves a temporary unholy taint from your soul
POW_CURE_ALLremoves all poison, disease, fear, cuts, stunning and confusion
POW_CURE_BODYrestores all stats, cures poison, and fully feeds you
POW_CLEAR_MINDrids your mind of confusion and fear, cures blindness
POW_TELE_10displaces you a short distance away
POW_TELE_MINORdisplaces you a medium distance away
POW_TELE_MAJORdisplaces you a major distance away
POW_TELE_OTHERteleports an opponent away
POW_TELE_OTHER_BEAMteleports a line of opponents away
POW_TELE_LEVELimmediately takes you to the next level up or down
POW_TELE_CONTROLdisplaces you to somewhere you choose
POW_WORD_RECALLrecalls you to the town, or back into the dungeon
POW_ALTER_REALITYregenerates the dungeon level
POW_ARROWfires a magical arrow
POW_BOLT_MISSILEfires a single, unresistable, bolt of mana
POW_BOLT_ELECfires a bolt or beam of lightning
POW_BOLT_COLD_1fires a bolt or beam of cold
POW_BOLT_COLD_2fires a powerful bolt or beam of cold
POW_BOLT_ACID_1fires a bolt or beam of acid
POW_BOLT_ACID_2fires a bolt or beam of acid
POW_BOLT_FIRE_1fires a bolt or beam of fire
POW_BOLT_FIRE_2fires a bolt or beam of fire
POW_BOLT_FIRE_3fires a bolt or beam of fire
POW_BOLT_SOUNDfires a bolt or beam of sound
POW_BOLT_FORCE_1fires a bolt or beam of force
POW_BOLT_FORCE_2fires a bolt or beam of force
POW_BOLT_LITEfires a bolt of light
POW_BOLT_DARKfires a bolt of darkness
POW_BOLT_WATERfires a bolt of water
POW_BOLT_MANAfires a bolt or beam of pure mana
POW_BOLT_ACID_Xfires a bolt or beam of acid
POW_BOLT_ELEC_Xfires a bolt or beam of lightning
POW_BOLT_FIRE_Xfires a bolt or beam of fire
POW_BOLT_COLD_Xfires a bolt or beam of frost
POW_BOLT_MISSILE_Xfires a single, unresistable, bolt of mana
POW_BOLT_POISON_Xfires a bolt or beam of poison
POW_BOLT_MANA_Xfires a bolt or beam of pure mana
POW_BOLT_NEXUS_Xfires a bolt or beam of nexus
POW_BEAM_WEAK_LITEfires a line of light, damaging light-hating creatures
POW_BEAM_NETHERfires an ultra-powerful beam of nether (does not hurt undead)
POW_BALL_ACID_Xfires a ball of acid
POW_BALL_ELEC_Xfires a ball of lightning
POW_BALL_FIRE_Xfires a ball of fire
POW_BALL_COLD_Xfires a ball of frost
POW_BALL_POISON_Xfires a ball of poison
POW_BALL_COLD_ELEC_Xfires a large ball of frost and lightning
POW_BALL_FIRE_ACID_Xfires a large ball of fire and acid
POW_BALL_ELEM_Xfires a large ball of all four elements
POW_BALL_ANNIHILATIONfires a small, very powerful ball of chaos, nexus, light & dark
POW_BALL_POISONfires a weak ball of poison
POW_BALL_ACIDfires a ball of acid
POW_BALL_ELEC_1fires a ball of lightning
POW_BALL_ELEC_2fires a powrful ball of lightning
POW_BALL_FIRE_1fires a ball of fire
POW_BALL_FIRE_2fires a large fire ball
POW_BALL_FIRE_3fires a large, powerful, fire ball
POW_BALL_COLD_1fires a ball of frost
POW_BALL_COLD_2fires a large frost ball
POW_BALL_COLD_3fires a large, powerful, frost ball
POW_BALL_SOUNDfires a ball of sound
POW_BALL_PLASMAfires a ball of plasma
POW_BALL_MANAfires a very powerful mana ball
POW_BALL_HOLY_1fires a ball of holy force
POW_BALL_HOLY_2fires a ball of holy force
POW_STAR_BEAM_W_LITEfires beams of light in all directions
POW_STAR_BALL_ELECfires electricity in all directions
POW_BANISHteleports away all evil monsters in line of sight
POW_BLIGHTdamages all animals and plants in line of sight
POW_BURST_ASTRALdamages all creatures in line of sight
POW_DRAIN_LIFE_1drains the life of an enemy
POW_DRAIN_LIFE_2powerfully drains the life of an enemy
POW_DRAIN_LIFE_3very powerfully drains the life of an enemy
POW_DISPEL_ALLdispels all monsters in line of sight
POW_DISPEL_UNDEAD_1dispels all undead in line of sight
POW_DISPEL_UNDEAD_2dispels all undead in line of sight
POW_DISPEL_DEMONdispels all demons in line of sight
POW_DISPEL_NON_EVILdispels all non-evil monsters in line of sight
POW_DISPEL_EVIL_3dispels all evil monsters in line of sight
POW_DISPEL_EVIL_4dispels all evil monsters in line of sight
POW_DISPEL_EVIL_5dispels all evil monsters in line of sight
POW_HOLY_1dispels all evil in line of sight and cures and heals you
POW_HOLY_2dispels all evil in line of sight and cures and heals you
POW_GENOCIDEremoves all monsters of the symbol you choose from the level
POW_MASS_GENOCIDEremoves nearby monsters except uniques
POW_EARTHQUAKEdestroys the nearby dungeon
POW_DESTRUCTIONdestroys objects and monsters, and banishes uniques
POW_LIGHT_AREA_1permanently lights up the current room or nearby area
POW_LIGHT_AREA_2permanently lights up the current room or nearby area
POW_DARK_AREApermanently darkens up the current room or nearby area
POW_DETECT_MONSTERSdetects monsters on the current panel that are not invisible
POW_DETECT_EVILdetects all evil monsters, even invisible ones
POW_DETECT_INVISdetects all invisible monsters on the current panel
POW_DETECT_TRAPdetects all traps on the current panel
POW_DETECT_TREASUREdetects all treasure on the current panel
POW_DETECT_DOOR_STAIRdetects all doors and stairs on the current panel
POW_DETECT_TRAP_DOORdetects hidden traps, stairs and doors on the current screen
POW_DETECT_ITEMdetects all objects on the current panel
POW_DETECT_ENCHANTdetects magical objects on the current panel
POW_DETECT_ALLdetects everything of interest on the panel
POW_ABSORB_HITtemporarily reverses the effect of damage
POW_BLESS_1provides a short-term bonus to hit and ac, immunity to taint
POW_BLESS_2provides a medium-term bonus to hit and ac, immunity to taint
POW_BLESS_3provides a long-term bonus to hit and ac, immunity to taint
POW_HEROISMtemporarily raises fighting skill and makes you immune to fear
POW_BOLDNESStemporarily makes you immune to fear
POW_STABILITYtemporarily makes you immune to confusion and stunning
POW_SAFETYtemporarily protects you from dungeon traps
POW_RAGE_1causes temporary berserk rage
POW_RAGE_2causes temporary berserk rage
POW_RAGE_BLESS_RESISTcauses temporary berserk rage, blessing, and resistance
POW_SHIELDtemporarily increases your armour class
POW_INVIS_1temporarily turns you invisible
POW_INVIS_2temporarily turns you invisible
POW_RESILIENCEtemporarily raises your AC by 50 and reduces all damage by 66%
POW_INFRAVISIONtemporarily increases the range of your infravision
POW_STEALTHtemporarily increases your stealth
POW_SEE_INVISprovides temporary see invisible
POW_PROT_EVIL_1provides temporary protection from lesser evil creatures
POW_PROT_EVIL_2provides temporary protection from lesser evil creatures
POW_HASTE_SELF_1temporarily hastes you
POW_HASTE_SELF_2hastes you for a long duration
POW_HASTE_SELF_3hastes you for a very long duration
POW_DISARMdisarms a trap
POW_DEST_TRAP_DOOR_1destroys a line of traps and doors
POW_DEST_TRAP_DOOR_2destroys all doors and traps next to you
POW_STONE_TO_MUDmelts a wall square to floor
POW_CREATE_DOORcreates a barrier of doors around you
POW_CREATE_WALLcreates a barrier of walls around you
POW_CREATE_STAIRcreates a randomly oriented staircase nearby
POW_CREATE_TRAPcreates traps around you
POW_MAGIC_LOCKmagically locks all nearby closed doors
POW_ACQUIRE_1creates a great item
POW_ACQUIRE_2creates several great items
POW_AGGRAVATEaggravates nearby monsters
POW_AGGRAVATE_SAFEaggravates nearby monsters
POW_CONFUSE_MONSTERattempts to confuse one monster
POW_CONFUSE_ALLattempts to confuse all monsters in line of sight
POW_SLEEP_MONSTERattempts to put a monster to sleep
POW_SLEEP_ADJACENTattempts to put all adjacent monsters to sleep
POW_SLEEP_ALLattempts to put all monsters in line of sight to sleep
POW_SLOW_MONSTERattempts to slow a monster down
POW_SLOW_ALLattempts to slow all monsters in line of sight
POW_CALM_MONSTERattempts to calm a monster
POW_CALM_ANIMALSattempts to calm all natural creatures in line of sight
POW_CALM_NON_EVILattempts to calm all non-evil creatures in line of sight
POW_CALM_NON_CHAOSattempts to calm all non-chaotic creatures in line of sight
POW_CALM_ALLattempts to calm all creatures in line of sight
POW_BLIND_MONSTERattempts to blind a monster
POW_SCARE_MONSTERattempts to frighten one monster
POW_SCARE_ALLattempts to make all monsters in line of sight flee
POW_CALL_MONSTERattempts to teleport a monster closer to you
POW_POLY_MONSTERattempts to change a monster
POW_HEAL_MONSTERattempts to heal a monster
POW_HASTE_MONSTERattempts to haste a monster
POW_CLONE_MONSTERattempts to clone a monster
POW_SATISFY_HUNGERfully feeds you
POW_RECHARGE_1recharges a staff, wand, rod or talisman
POW_RECHARGE_2recharges a staff, wand, rod or talisman
POW_RECHARGE_3powerfully recharges a staff, wand, rod or talisman
POW_HYPERCHARGEreduces the recharge time for a rod or talisman
POW_IDENTIFYidentifies an object
POW_IDENTIFY_PACKidentifies everything being carried
POW_IDENTIFY_FULLreveals all information about a specific object
POW_RES_ACIDtemporarily protects from acid
POW_RES_ELECtemporarily protects from electricity
POW_RES_FIREtemporarily protects from fire
POW_RES_COLDtemporarily protects from cold
POW_RES_FIRE_COLDtemporarily protects from fire & frost
POW_RES_ACID_ELECtemporarily protects from acid & electricity
POW_RES_LITE_DARKtemporarily protects from light & darkness
POW_RES_CHAOS_NEXUStemporarily protects from chaos & nexus
POW_RES_POISONtemporarily protects from poison
POW_RES_DISEASEtemporarily protects from disease
POW_RES_SOUNDtemporarily protects from sound
POW_RES_ELEMENTStemporarily protects from all four elements
POW_RES_GREATERtemporarily protects from many things
POW_RESISTANCEtemporarily protects from all elements & poison
POW_GLYPH_WARDINGputs a strong glyph on the floor that monsters cannot pass over
POW_GLYPH_LESSERputs a glyph on the floor that monsters cannot pass over
POW_GLYPH_HOLYputs a sigil that blocks undead & demons and prevents summoning
POW_REMOVE_CURSE_1removes standard curses
POW_REMOVE_CURSE_2removes both normal and heavy curses
POW_MAP_1maps the local area
POW_MAP_2permanently lights and detects objects on the entire level
POW_MAP_3permanently lights and detects all on the entire level
POW_PROBE_MONSTERteaches about the attributes of a monster
POW_PROBE_ALLteaches about the attributes of all visible monsters
POW_KNOW_ALLreveals the entire map, IDs your pack, and raises your stats
POW_ENCHANT_WEAPON_1increases a weapon's bonus to hit
POW_ENCHANT_WEAPON_2powerfully increases a weapon's bonus to hit
POW_ENCHANT_ARMOR_1increases armour's bonus to armour class
POW_ENCHANT_ARMOR_2powerfully increases armour's bonus to armour class
POW_BRAND_WEAPON_ELMNTimbues weapons with elemental power
POW_BRAND_AMMO_ANMLmakes arrows extra powerful against animals
POW_BRAND_AMMO_WOUNDmakes arrows sharper and more powerful
POW_BRAND_AMMO_ELMNTimbues arrows with elemental power
POW_BRAND_AMMO_HOLYimbues arrows with holy might
POW_BIZZAREcauses powerful, random, effects
POW_CURSE_EQUIP_1curses some of your equipment
POW_CURSE_EQUIP_2curses all of your equipment
POW_SUM_MONSTERsummons monsters to fight against you
POW_SUM_UNDEADsummons undead creatures to fight against you
POW_SUM_DRAGONsummons dragons to fight against you
POW_NAUSEAinduces vomiting
POW_POISON_SELFpoisons you
POW_BLIND_SELFblinds you
POW_CONFUSE_SELFconfuses you
POW_SCARE_SELFscares you
POW_SLOW_SELFslows you
POW_PARALYZEparalyzes you
POW_HALLUCINATEcauses you to hallucinate
POW_DISEASEinfects you with a disease
POW_DEFORMdeforms you and swaps your stats
POW_TAINTplaces an evil taint on your soul
POW_AMNESIAmakes you forget things
POW_LOSE_STRlowers your strength
POW_LOSE_INTlowers your intelligence
POW_LOSE_WISlowers your wisdom
POW_LOSE_DEXlowers your dexterity
POW_LOSE_CONlowers your constitution
POW_LOSE_CHRlowers your charisma
POW_LOSE_EXPlowers your experience
POW_RUINATIONlowers your stats permanently and damages you
POW_DETONATEdamages you
POW_KILL_SELFkills you
POW_SPELL_DURATIONprovides a bonus to the duration of spells
POW_SPELL_DAMAGEprovides a bonus to the damage inflicted by spells
POW_SPELL_INFLUENCEmakes monster condition spells more effective
POW_DRAGON_BLACKbreathes acid (125+)
POW_DRAGON_BLUEbreathes lightning (125+)
POW_DRAGON_WHITEbreathes frost (125+)
POW_DRAGON_REDbreathes fire (125+)
POW_DRAGON_GREENbreathes poison gas (150+)
POW_DRAGON_GOLDbreathes sound (100+)
POW_DRAGON_SILVERbreathes shards (100+)
POW_DRAGON_MHbreathes multi-hued (250+)
POW_DRAGON_SPIRITbreathes force (250+)
POW_DRAGON_SHADOWbreathes nether (250+)
POW_DRAGON_ETHERbreathes light/darkness/confusion (250+)
POW_DRAGON_CHAOSbreathes chaos/disenchant/plasma/sound (350+)
POW_DRAGON_TIMEbreathes time/inertia/nexus/nether (350+)
POW_DRAGON_POWERbreathes the elements (400+)
POW_RISK_HACKeither kills or rewards you
POW_WONDER_HACKcreates a random effect
POW_MUSIC_LYREEmulate the skillful ballads of a lyre
POW_MUSIC_HORNEmulate the powerful tones of a horn
POW_MUSIC_FLUTEEmulate the gentle melodies of a flute
POW_MUSIC_LUTEEmulate the jolly dances of a lute
POW_MUSIC_DRUMEmulate the rousing tempos of a drum
POW_MUSIC_HARPEmulate the soothing songs of a harp