EyAngband - Eytan Zweig's Angband

By Eytan Zweig (eytanz@oook.cz)

EyAngband is my very own Angband variant, which is based on Vanilla Angband 2.9.3. EyAngband has been designed and maintained by myself, Eytan Zweig, since its creation, but it borrows liberally from more advanced versions of Angband, other variants and many other sources.

The current version of EyAngband is 0.5.2

EyAngband is also available in Japanese

EyAngband is hosted by sourceforge. If you want to directly access the project page, you can go here (but there's nothing there that you can't access from these pages).

If you want to keep up to date with EyAngband changes and discussion an EyAngband mailing list is available - go here to subscribe.