EyAngband 0.5.1 -> 0.5.2

Gameplay Changes

- Slightly modified the effect of constitution on hp.

- Characters now start with all wieldable equipment (except music instruments and light sources) already wielded.

- Warriors now start with leather scale mail instead of chain mail, and a small metal shield instead of a small leather shield.

- Changed the message for wearing armor heavy enough to encumber your fighting, since it was too severe.

- Changed the display of the perception skill slightly (lower values now get better descriptions).

- Pseudo-ID changed. Now, it no longer works while you are resting - you need to be using an item to learn about it. To compensate, the pseudo-ID rates for all classes were increased.

- Also, if you equipt an unidentified item, it will eventually get identified on its own. It must be worn, though - items in your pack are not subject to this. The rate this happens at depends partially on the pseudo-ID rate, so classes with very slow pseduo-ID will probably not be affected much by this change (except if they wear something unidentified for a very long time). Note that this won't happen with artifacts - they must be identified the old fasioned way.

- Amnesia changed. Now, items get a saving throw (based on your intelligence). However, amnesia will also make you forget items in your home or on the dungeon floor.

- Wizard mode now gives the numberical values of skills instead of the descriptions. (note - each skill is on a different scale, so the values are meaningless without cross-reference to the source, which is why I'm not displaying this information for all players).

- Added a bar graph to the corner of the screen in bigscreen mode that shows experience progress. This bar graph does not appear if the window isn't large enough to contain it. (Thanks Pav Lucistnik)


- Demon experience penalty reduced to 180%.

- Vargr experience penalty reduced to 160%.


- Cloning monsters no longer heals or hastes the target monster. The cloned monster will no longer be hasted, but it will be fully healthy. Cloned monsters will never drop any treasure or items.

- Some monster renamings: skeletons changed from "skeleton XXX" to "XXX skeleton", diseased rats changed to plague rats, nibelungs are now goblins. Some of the Tolkeinian 'p' uniques have been renamed, some of their abilities changed slightly, and some became 'h's.

- Changed the way that the damage from darkness storm is calculated. It's the same as before for all monsters native to level 70 or deeper (where darkness storm begins to be available in Vanilla), but it's less in earlier levels.


- Potions of lose stat have been replaced by potions which permanently reduce one stat and raise another.

- Switched to the Sangband method of item rarity. It's a bit slower, but allows much more control over object allocation.

Bug fixes

- "Frost bolt" now works correctly.

- Fixed the Behemoth's experience value.

- Corrected prices in spoiler files.

- Fixed bug with thief's appraise skill.

- Corrected which items count as "good" for drops.

- Fixed bug with 'L'ocate on bigscreen mode. (Thanks Pav Lucistnik)

- Several compiler warnings fixed (Thanks Pav Lucistnik)

- Minions of the Host are now at their proper level.

EyAngband 0.5.0b -> 0.5.1

Gameplay Changes

- Improved many typos and messages.

- Temporary resistances are no longer noticed when they have no effect (say, if you already have immunity to the element in question).

- Improved the starting equipment for most classes.


- Changed the price of most items in the game; overall, many items value reduced by half. Gold is now harder to find - each $ is worth less. Players also start with less gold. Also fixed some weird pricing imbalances.

- Some items can now be bought many for 1 gold. Prices are always rounded up. For instance, if apples are 10 for 1, you can buy 10 apples for 1 gold. Buying 1 apple will cost 1 gold as well, though, and buying 11 apples will cost 2 gold. You can no longer sell very cheap items; no more easy gold by collecting slime molds.

- Treasure dug out of walls will tend to be worth more than that found on the floor on the same level.


- Searching and Frequency of searching united into a single skill - perception. Characters with high perception skill now gain the ability to "hear" nearby unseen creatures. If an invisible creature stands adjacent to the player, he will have a chance to "hear" it. This will color the creature's square dark blue. The player will therefore know which direction to attack in (or run from), though no other information is made available. Note that with a low perception skill, this will only happen very rarely, if at all. Note that "unseen" creatures are invisble creatures, creatures in darkness, or creatures near you while you are blind.

- Class/race perception values tweaked somewhat from the old searching values. Perception now improves to all classes over level.


- Stone-to-Mud now has a high chance of destroying treasure veins in the affected walls.

- Priests and Paladins no longer have the ability to detect traps. Instead, they now have a spell that protects them from traps temporarily. Note that this doesn't apply to chest traps. Also note that mystics also gain this spell.


- Changed the distribution of out of depth monsters somewhat; there now are more OOD monsters, but they are (usually) less deep. This doesn't affect quest monsters.

- The great fragment wyrm has been renamed to the more impressive "great star wyrm".


- New ego item: Robes of the Archmagi.

- Shirts have been renamed "tunics".

- All stat-increasing rings and amulets can now be bought in the magic shop.

- Rods of trap/door location are slightly deeper, and no longer sold in the magic shop. Staves and scrolls of trap/door location are now shallower and cheaper. This fixes the rather strange situation in which staves of trap detection were deeper than rods of trap detection.

- Rods of darkness now deeper.

- A new artifact spellbook, usable by mages, priests, and mystics.

- Rods of healing and curing now recharge much faster.

- The SEARCH flag renamed PERCEPTION. Rings and Amulets of searching renamed rings and amulets of perception.

- New item flag, SP_DUR. Spellcasters wearing these items will get a 10% bonus to the duration of each of their spells, depending on pval. So, for instance, if normally bless lasts for 13-24 turns, wearing a +1 duration item makes it last for 14-26 turns. Note that this affects only spells, not spell-like effects from items (so a scroll of bless will still last as long as before).

- Similarly, the flag SP_DAM provides a bonus to spell damage. Like SP_DUR, it does not affect item powers.

- Finally, the flag SP_INF provides a bonus to spell influence. Like the other two flags, it does not affect item powers.

- Shirts now weigh (slightly) less than robes.

Bug Fixes

- If you have a random quest active while descending to kill Morgoth, you can still win the game.

- The game will no longer warn you about leaving a vault quest level by stairs if you have the treasure on you.

- Cold and Acid branded weapons now work correctly.

- Corrected ancient dragon attacks.

- Demons height and weight now work correctly with quick-start.

- Wizard mode no longer crashes when using absorb hit. (Thanks Kusunose Toru)

- Priest spell "Sanctify ammo" now works.

- Rings of element now have EASY_KNOW.

- Fixed bug with earthquake and stacks of objects. (from Vanilla)

EyAngband 0.5.0 -> 0.5.0b

Non-gameplay changes

- Optimized monster name routine. (Thanks Kusunose Toru)

Bug Fixes

- Non-uniques with very high life values would be sometimes generated with very low hp.

- Qlzqqlzuup was a quest monster, and Morgoth wasn't.

- Some of the entries in rooms.txt were bad. (Thanks Kusunose Toru)

- The Ether DSM activation could produce weird results. (Thanks Kusunose Toru)

- Fueling a lantern from a pile of lantern would empty all the lanterns in the pile, but only give you fuel from a single lantern. Now the lantern you fill from unstacks first. (Thanks Kusunose Toru)

- The boots of Thror are no longer cheaper than boots of speed +3 (note that in general, artifact/ego item prices still need major rework).

- Dimension door/master of space no longer resets the target.

- Mushrooms of Cure Light Wounds had incorrect weight.

- Problem with the description of Narya's activation.

- Amulets of the Magi no longer have EASY_KNOW.

- Monster spoiler headers were missing a "(".

- Several typos fixed.

EyAngband 0.4.6 -> 0.5.0

- Not compatible with 0.4.6 or older savefiles.

Non-gameplay changes

- Various coding improvements from Angband CVS.

- General code cleanup.

Gameplay Changes

- Character names can now be up to 31 letters long.

- Changed the character display to show the current damage dice; also, the weight carried line shows maximum weight before slow down.

- Limited the maximum size of floor stacks to 23, so that get_item() can always display a list containing all objects. (Angband CVS)

- Uniques won't show up as quest monsters before 250'.

- The option to show either traps or objects when both are in the same square removed. Instead, there is now an object to show either traps, or a special symbol ('&') which should make these squares easier to notice.

- Many new vault types (mostly from Angband 3.0.1) added.

- If the "display_recharge_msg" option is on, you will also get a message when your racial ability (if any) is recharged.


- You now can see your race and class before setting up the autoroller (both types). This makes it feasible to use the autorollers with random class or race choice.

- Weapons are no longer fixed per class; instead, you get the best weapon possible out of a small list, depending on your stats. Warriors, paladins and spellswords get more choices; mystics still begin weaponless.

- Minor improvements to quick character generation - the prompt now accepts upper-case responses, and if you reject the quick-generated character, you are brought into the new character generation screen instead of being asked again if you want a quick character.

- You can no longer specify starting ego-items.


- Some racial powers slightly modified.

- Racial price adjustments in shops modified a bit.


- Two new class flags: BETTER_BLOWS, WORSE_BLOWS, which affect the amount of blows a character gets with his weapon. BETTER_BLOWS is given to warriors, WORSE_BLOWS to mages and mystics. All other classes get neither.

- Priest spell selection modified slightly.

- Some bard spells cost a little less mana.


- New mage spell (in Kelek's) - Hypercharge. It reduces the recharge speed for rods and talismans (permanently). You can only hypercharge single items, not stacks.

- Many spells toned down to reflect the lowered monster HPs.

- Blight made more powerful.

- Chant/Prayer now each last longer.

- The priest spell "remove fear" replaced by "boldness", which now grants a short-term protection from fear (in addition to removing fear).


- Confusion is no longer a percentile resistance; the NO_CONF flag remains.


- Changed the chance to hit calculation. Now, a to-hit bonus on a weapon is a lot more effective.

- Damage from unarmed combat now depends on your strength (number of blows depends on dexterity).

- Brands/slays effect on damage are now rounded up. This makes them effective even on weapons with small damage dice.

- The penalty for wiedling too-heavy weapons now increased - you also do less damage.

- Plus to damage no longer exists. This involves major repurcussions in items, and has major effects as to game balance.

- Bow range is now a factor; arrows may modify the range avaiable. The ranges for bows are much shorter than they used to be.

- Bows can now have slays/brands, which are additively cumulative with arrow slays/brands.

- Confusion is no longer a damage type - it's only a status affecting attack.


- Added new item flag - THROWING. Objects that have this flag do their full damage (as determined in the P: line) when thrown, as before. Objects without this flag will do a small amount of damage based on their weight when thrown. This is designed to prevent characters from throwing weapons with huge damage dice, that they are not strong enough to wield, at monsters.

- Bow tval is now 20; digger tval is now 25; and arrow tval is now 15.

- Increased artifact saving throws to being smashes/blasted.

- "Hafted" weapons are now referred to as "blunt" weapons, a more accurate description, given that many polearms are also hafted.

- Rings of resist disease and resist poison now provide immunity to the related effects as well as resistance to the appropriate damage.

- Rings of resist confusion renamed rings of clarity; they no provide NO_CONF, rather than (the now obsolete) confusion resistance.

- Potions of neutralize potion and cure disease are now found in both the alchemist's shop and the temple.

- Prefixes work differently. Now, they give a percentile modifier to average damage, and the game tries to give you as similar a weapon to the old one that gives the new damage. This means that prefixes remain balanced and meaningful for all weapon types. Also, prefixed items may now be of a different material than the base item (affects possible damage from monster attacks), and they can affect item depth.

- Prefixes can now alter the color of the prefixed items. Since this can cause some otherwise different items to have similar coloring (for instance, a sapphire hatchet will have the same symbol and color as a drum), it can be turned off by an option (allow_prefix_colors).

- Crossbows, Slings, bolts and shots no longer exist.

- Ego items can also modify damage dice by a percentile value.

- Ego items can now be restricted to base items of a certain material, or weight range.

- Many ego item types changed and added; some removed.

- Many artifact weapons/shooters are now a different base type that they used to be.

- Many artifact/item activations powered down to reflect new monster HP levels.

- If a weapon has slays/brands from multiple source (say, prefix and ego-type), they are cumulative in an additive way - for example, a hunter's dagger gives x1.2 against animals, a weapon of slay animal gives x1.7 against animals, so a hunter's dagger of slay animal gives x1.9 against animals.

- Talismans of rapid bolts slightly slowed up (from 2 turns to 3 turns).

- If you are wielding an identified bow, 'I'nsepcting arrows will give you information about their capabilites.

- The format for displaying + to hit changed. Now, for weapons it appears in the same parantheses as the damage dice - (+1, 1d4). For bows, the display is (+0, x2, 8), where the last number is the bow's range in squares. Arrows are displayed as (+0, 1d4, +0), where the last plus is a range modifier.

- Due to the above change, the SHOW_MODS flag was eliminated.

- Rods/Talismans will *only* recharge when in your inventory. If left on the ground, in your home, or sold to a shop, they will remain in their "charging" state until you buy/pick them up again.

- Elemental rings no longer give any AC bonus.

- Add new mushroom types: amnesia, cure light wounds, stone skin.

- Mushrooms of weakness/sickliness replaced my mushrooms of stupidity/naivity.

- Cubragol, Sunstrike and Hellwind (both now bows) no longer allow branding of arrows; instead, they offer the brands themselves.


- Monster letters re-organized.

- 'c'entipedes merged into 'I'nsects.

- 'f'elines are now 'c'ats.

- 'F'aeries now split into high level 'F'aeries and low level 'f'aeries.

- 'H'ags merged into the 'F'aeries. 'H'arpies remain.

- 'W'raiths/'W'ights mostly renamed into other undead types.

- 'l'ycanthropes are now 'W'erebeasts.

- 'p'eople reorganized; there are now 'l'ow level people, medium-level 'p'eople, and high-level 'P'eople.

- Many new monsters added, many monsters removed, and many monsters changed. Don't assume anything about monsters just because you know them in another variant (or an older version).

- Since monster HPs have been reduced, increased that amount of damage caused by most monster breaths relative to HP so that they still have approximately the old damage levels. The caps remain unchanged.

- Changed the way monster hit-points are derived. They no longer have hit dice. Instead, they have a life-value, which is the average HP they get, and their actual HP are generated within a normal distribution with the life as a mean. Uniques always have the exact amount specified by their life rating. As a result, the FORCE_MAXHP flag has been eliminated (yes, this means that all non-uniques with more than 1 life have variable HP).

- Monsters in pits, and monster spawned while you're on the level, can now be generated asleep.

- Removed the FORCE_SLEEP flag - all monsters now follow this behavior. It was pointless because all monsters for whom it would have made a difference had it.

- SMART monsters are less likely to fall asleep after losing sight of you. STUPID monsters are more likely to do so.

- Since the STUPID and SMART flags affect several things besides spellcasting, the monster memory has been changed to reflect this (it now tells you the monster is intelligent, rather than that it casts spells intelligently).

- Rust and rot attacks made more dangerous.

Bug fixes

- Fixed bugs which made uniques on the same base monster be generated in order; also, fixed wizard command that summoned named unique (which would generate the wrong unique in the case of multiple ones on the same base). This fix also means that you can now get these uniques as quest monsters.

- Some weirdness could occur when resizing the screen on small levels.

- Monsters that KILL_WALL can no longer destroy quest chests.

- Morgoth and Sauron cannot appear as the quest monster in guild quests.

- Corrected which monsters are "destroyed".

- Fixed bug with monsters being affected by more than one condition at once.

- Fixed bug in squelch menus once you know more than 60 objects of the same type.

- Trapdoors can no longer appear on fixed quest levels.

- Display of charges for stacks of wands used different convention than staves.

- Some deep pit types had incorrect descriptions.

- Various bugfixes from Angband CVS.

- Weapon damage calculations now correctly calculate blows for weapons with extra blows.

- Weapon damage calculations now appear in object recall term windows.

- The damage calculation now appears for diggers.

- Poison resistance didn't work correctly in some cases.

- The message verifying leaving quest levels won't appear on special quests.

- The weapon damage calculations no longer spoil un-ID'd items.

- Some strangeness that could arise when selling/destroying rods/talismans fixed.

- Fixed display glitch if you get enough EXP to raise you more than one level at once.

- Fixed several minor bugs and typos.