EyAngband 0.4.5b -> 0.4.6

Non-Gameplay Changes

- Completely removed all remnants of the haggling code.

Windows only

- Renamed the windows executable to "EyAngband.exe". If you want to keep your old .ini settings, you'll need to rename angband.ini to eyangband.ini.

Gameplay Changes


- Heavier armor no longer carries an intrinsic to-hit penalty. Instead, the to-hit penalty depends on your strength; weaker characters will suffer severe penalties from relatively light armor, while very strong characters could wear any armor with no penalty.


- 'I'nspecting an object will now tell you how many blows and how much average damage you can expect to do with this weapon (in your character's current condition). At the moment this only works for melee weapons, not bows and arrows.

- Mushroom colors changed to better match mushroom patches.

- Bronze dragon plate mail no longer exists; Multi-hued DSM can no longer produce confusion breath, nor does it provide confusion resistance.


- Changed the way monster statuses are handled; now all statuses occur at the same time for all monsters.

- Monsters who have the REGENERATE flag will now regenerate faster than other monsters, instead of regenerating more HP each time at the same rate.

- Monster hasting/slowing will now eventually wear off.

- Monsters with EVADE will no longer evade hits when asleep.

- Changed the way group flags work. There are now three flags, GRP_9, GRP_18, and GRP_27, that determine the size of the group. If GRP_ESCORT is also present, escorts will be generated. If GRP_PEER is also present, peers will be generated.

- Low-level monster with KILL_WALL now take some time to dig through walls.

Bug fixes

- Temporary resistances now work correctly.

- Fixed some more bugs with quest rewards (thanks Jaroslav Sladek)

- Fixed behavior of always_show_lists.

- Fixed bug which prevented updates of monster recall term window while querying symbols.

- Fixed sound list.

EyAngband 0.4.5 -> 0.4.5b

- Savefiles compatible from 0.4.4/b, but there may be irregularities, especially with existing monsters and rewards for any incomplete quests.

- Buggy savefiles suffering from the "lost artifacts" bug of 0.4.5 will be corrected, and work perfectly under the new version! (thanks Jaroslav Sladek).

Gameplay Changes

- Added "always_show_lists" option which is on by default. If turned off, lists will no longer be automatically displayed when picking items/spells.

Bug fixes

- Fixed several bugs to do with quest reward generation:

- Fixed *major* bug that caused quest rewards to mark artifacts as created even if the player wasn't given them. (thanks Jaroslav Sladek).

- Fixed several bugs that caused the game to give wrong reward type (thanks Jaroslav Sladek).

- No more torch/brass lantern quest rewards.

- It is now possible to get personalized rewards for special quests.

- Fixed bug preventing the spell info from showing up while browsing spellbooks.

- Some random resistances didn't work correctly.

- Fixed bug with histories of stacked items (thanks Jaroslav Sladek).

- Incorrect items will no longer be pseduo-ID'd.

- Fixed bug calculating percentages in old autoroller.

- If you recover from EXP drain, it's properly updated on the condition term window.

EyAngband 0.4.4b -> 0.4.5

- Savefiles compatible from 0.4.4/b, but there may be irregularities, especially with existing monsters and rewards for any incomplete quests.

- Various code improvements from Angband CVS.

Gameplay changes

- Added new, Zangband-style weighted autoroller as a birth option (in addition to old autoroller).

- Now, items you can't afford will have their price greyed out in the stores. (Patch by Pav Lucistnik).

- Now, the store will never offer you more items than you can afford for sale (so, for instance, if you have 100 gold and there are 15 potions costing 10 gold each, it will let you choose (1-10) potions instead of (1-15) at the prompt). (Patch by Pav Lucistnik).

- Messages will now take advantage of bigscreen. (Patch by Pav Lucistnik).

- Reduced the chance of monsters overcoming stunning completely in one turn.

- Increased maximum number of traps per level to 256.

- Now, non-ID'd items you are wearing are pseudo-ID'd much faster than other items. Also, at very high levels, warrior pseudo-ID is slightly slower.

- Any command which requires an item/spell choice always displays the possibilities.


- Reworked chests. Now, they will generate 3-5 items from some general theme. These items are no longer necessarily excellent.


- Rangers no longer start the game with a spellbook, but get a larger amount of arrows.


- Uniques can now show up as quest monsters.

- Rewrote quest reward code from scratch; it should now be a lot more accurate in giving better items.

- Quest objects are now found in chests.


- Group person types now travel in groups of the same race, not class; this utilizes the new PEERS monster flag; note that every once in a while an old-style group will be generated.

- Ego-monster types now have a gameplay effect - they modify the amount of HP that the monster has, and can also affect speed. Now, novice vargr warriors and novice rattikin warriors are no longer exactly the same.

- Some monster revisions: the lower level "dark elf" races have been removed, replaced by more advanced group types. Dark elf warriors are now simply dark elves. Dark elf druids now dark elf conjurers; nature-worshipping dark-elves seemed somewhat out of place.

- The old "mage" monster is now "experienced mage", to let place for the lower-level group "mage" monster.

- Flying skulls now drain CON instead of STR. At the moment they were too similar to giant bees, and there are plenty of strength-drainig monsters but only very few constituion draining ones.

- Brigands and priests slightly weakened, and now group monsters.

- Cleaned up some of the monster generation code.

- Added ego-monster types for animals and humanoids.

- Minor changes to the Cockatrice.

Non-gameplay changes

- Improved the HTML screenshot code to support player colors and "mimic" monsters, as well as show all mutil-hued monsters in the color they were when the shot was taken.

Bug fixes

- Staves of probing now properly identified on use.

- Fixed bug which caused resistances to work incorrectly as they approached (but not reached) the cap. (Thanks Jaroslav Sladek for fix).

- Fixed potential overflows with monster conditions.

- Fixed bug with traps in darkness.

- Fixed bug that could rarely invalidate savefiles or crash the game.

- Fixed some bugs with monster generation, that stopped out-of-depth uniques based on normal monsters from appearing in vaults.

- Fixed some bugs with the object recall window, and they now make better use of space.

- Fixed starting weapons for kyrri characters.

- Shattered and Blasted weapons/armor are no longer partially fixed on reload.

- Earthquakes properly remove traps, now.

- Fixed incorrect prefixes on certain artifacts.

- Birth option to retain squelch now always works correctly.

- Context sensitive help now works correctly during character generation.

- Creeping gems corrected.

- Fixed scrolls of elemental brand.

- Staffs of starlight now work correctly.

- Mages have the HAS_LIGHT flag instead of the erroneus HURT_LIGHT.

- Fixed bows of extra might.

EyAngband 0.4.4 -> 0.4.4b

- Full savefile support for 0.4.4 savefiles.

- Added option from Zangband for player color to reflect damage.

- Things hurt by acid no longer "melt" but rather "dissolve". Ego-items of melting are now of corrosiveness.

Bug fixes

- Fixed starting items for mages, fixed and tweaked items for spellswords, tweaked thief items.

- Corrected name of first priest spellbook.

- If you throw something at a monster and you fail the to-hit roll, you now get a message.

- Fixed Gurthang's brand.

- You can no longer get cursed items in quest rewards.

- Compilation problems in systems with usleep.

- Music instrument artifacts now appear on spoilers and knowledge browsers.

- Recent CodeWarrior releases require unistd.h and fcntl.h for Angband to compile. (From Vanilla CVS)

- Potions of life now only partially heal tainted characters.

EyAngband 0.4.3 -> 0.4.4

- No savefile compatibility to earlier versions.

Gameplay Changes

- Added Vanilla-style Bigscreen support.

- Tweaked quest reward generation to give less inappropriate items.

- The message list now compresses similar messages.

- Removed unnecessary messages while buying/selling.

- You now get the option to create an HTML screen dump upon death.

- Broken doors are now dark umber.

- Experience drain from chaos attacks is now dependant on the amount of damage done. This balances early chaos breathers (choas cockroaches, chaos nagas).

- Added a new gameplay effect: "taint". Tainted players can no longer benifit from bless, chant, prayer and protection from evil, and they will suffer some damage from casting holy word. Also, they will suffer a small reduction the amount healed from most potions/spells. There are items that cause taint; the longer you wear them, the taint increases; once you remove them, the taint will wear off slowly. Demons are permanently tainted.

- Rewrote the condition term window; it now makes better use of the available space, and reports all temporary conditions (including resistances). Note that invisibility and taint, which can either be permanent or temporary, are always reported; invisibility because permanent invisibility can be temporarily cancelled and thus you need to know when it's on, and taint because it can remain even if the cause of the taint is removed.

- Item/monster room chances tweaked.

- Reduced the EXP bonus for disarming.


- Demons are now permanently tainted. Their experience penalty is lowered.


- Minor reorganization of priest spells - slow poison replaced by cleanse taint, chant and sanctuary now 6th level spells.

- Casting spells from the necronomicon taints you temporarily.

- Bard spells tweaked; several mana costs reduced, levels lowered, and the durations for calming spells increased. Also, the harp gains a new spell: "attraction", which teleports a monster to melee range (like a wand of call monster)

- There now are two types of teleport other: the teleport other mage/priest spell now teleports a single opponent, but can work "over the head" of other monsters: i.e. you can target monsters behind other monsters. The bard spell, wand and talisman teleport a line of monsters away, like the old spell.


- New item: scroll of unholyness, which causes temporary tainting (unless you are blessed).

- Scroll of curse equipment shallower. This will actually benefit the player early on, as most players will find it sooner thereby reducing the risk from un-ID'd scrolls.

- Removed item: potion of slow poison.

- New ego-weapons of unholyness.

- Several artifacts now cause tainting.

- Several ego-items now cause tainting.

- Added an artifact musical instrument.

- Potions of cure serious wounds now cure stunning.

- Potions of cure critical wounds no longer cure poison.

- Potions of neutralize poison made cheaper.

- Elven Waybread now rarer and slightly deeper; also worth more money.

- Harps now weigh less.


- New attack effect: HALLU (hallucination).

- ROT and RUST attacks more likely to hit.

- New monsters (from Vanilla 3.0.0): Aranea, Elder aranea, Silent Watcher, Doombat, Bat of Gorgoroth, Bronze Golem, Bone Golem, Shardstorm. Note that Aranea and Elder Aranea are blue in EyAngband rather than red because there are already several red spider types. Bone Golems in Ey are white.

- The colossus is now a unique (based on an iron golem).

- Removed monsters: Giant red tick, Giant Red Scorpion, killer red beetle, Magma Elemental, giant red ant. All of them were nearly identical to other monsters, causing an over-ambundance of boring fire monsters.

- Atlas the titan is now a greater titan (and he has self-healing/summoning abilities); he is also worth more EXP. He casts spells a lot less frequently than normal titans, though, so it shouldn't be too unbalancing.

- Sirens, chaos vortics, Oberon the Faery King, and will o' the wisps now have hallucination attacks.

- Unspeakable horror drop reduced somewhat. Greater horror drop improved.

- Disenchanter bats toned up slightly.

- Barbzu toned down slightly.

- Clockwork warriors are now dark blue.

- Various minor tweaks to monsters.

Non-gameplay changes

- Removed unused "alert_failure" option.

- Included all the new main*.c files from Angband 3.0.0.

- Various code improvements from Angband 3.0.0.

- Moved the player death routines (but not the highscore handling) out of files.c to xtra2.c.

Bug fixes

- Fixed a bug creating chests under quest items.

- Monster memory no longer falsely mentions that monsters can avoid traps.

- Monsters are no longer invisible when you are hallucinating (but their symbols of course are random).

- Slings of the buckland can now be generated.

- Diggers of earthquakes can no be generated.

- Fixed bug with bard fail rates.

- Earthquake/Destruction should no longer leave phantom doors/traps.

- Stability now wears out properly.

- The monster list term window now properly updated after monsters are killed by other monsters.

- The PDSM 'Tortureskin' loses some abilities it had by error.

EyAngband 0.4.2 -> 0.4.3

- 0.4.1/b and 0.4.2 savefiles are compatible, but room descriptions may be screwed up.

- 0.4.0/b/c/d savefiles are compatible, but room descriptions may be screwed up and spells will have to be relearnt by spellcasters.

Gameplay changed

- Added "vortex nests" similar to the ones found in ZceAngband.

- Themed rooms will now contain more monsters.

- Now, when healing, you get informed of the exact number of HP healed instead of a general message.

- Added wizard command to summon a unique according to u_idx.

- More variety in chest traps.

- Added Pav's patch that stops you from using recharging talismans/rods.


- Mystics lose polymorph other, and regain absorb hit in a dungeon spellbook.

- Mystic's mana bolt now has sub-levels identical to the mage mana bolt.


- The Nilbog race has been replaced with the Kyrrus, a mountain-goat race.

- Age ranges for all races fixed.

- Histories for fellpurr modified slightly.

- Vargr experience penalty reduced.

- Felpurr experience penalty slightly increased.


- Added Kyrral weapons.


- Several monsters now have elemental vulnerabilities.

- Several monster resistances changed.

- Monsters that have elemental resistance (to the four basic elements), now resist a lot more damge (1/18 damage instead of 1/9 damage).

Bug fixes

- Corrected bug which would cause too-deep room types to appear.

- Corrected bug which allowed overcasting spells.

- Corrected bug which could occasionally make the wrong item disappear if you have autosquelch on and read a (previously unidentified) scroll of identify.

- Corrected bug which prevented the appearance of some uniques, including Fang & Grip and the Astral Zephyr Hounds.

- Bug with DSMs getting wrong activations fixed.

- Bug with (heavy) display on wrong items in pile fixed. (Thanks Riivo Magii and Pav Lucistnik)

- Uniques based on regular monsters now have their escorts working correctly.

- Oberon, the Faery King, is no longer undead.

EyAngband 0.4.1b -> 0.4.2

- 0.4.1/b savefiles are compatible, but room descriptions may be screwed up (not the actual rooms, just the descriptions).

- Fully compatible with 0.4.0/b/c/d savefiles, same caveats apply as for 0.4.1, and also room descriptions may be screwed up (not the actual rooms, just the descriptions).

Screen dumps

- Removed the old option to read screen dumps from within the game - it wasn't working anyway.

- Added DarkGod's patch for HTML screen dumps. Now, pressing '(' will result in an old style text-file screen dump, while pressing ')' will result in a new, HTML-file screen dump.

- You can now choose the file's name in both dump types.

Gameplay changes

- The thief class is greyed out for all races, because it is unbalanced in its current form.

- Removed the option to inverse the spellbook interface. The option between the two possible interfaces is no longer a test option.

- Added an option to have traps appear on top of objects rather than vice-versa.

- Option screens can now be navigated by the roguelike keys if they are turned on (patch by Robert Ruhelmann).

- Lantern light radius starts reducing a bit sooner when running out of fuel.


- The frequency of "item" rooms (where many items of the same type are found) has been reduced.

- Chests are back! Now they are a terrain feature. At the moment they are limited to vaults, and disarming and opening one gives you a singe, excellent item. This might change in future versions.

Monster changes

- Bogles made a bit more powerful.

- Non-unique harpies are now a bit more powerful.

- Blind eyes cast spells more often, and are worth less experience

- Modification of automata abilities: Flesh, clay and stone golems made more powerful; Iron golems made slightly weaker. Pukelman now resist acid and are worth less EXP. Colbran toned up slightly and worth less EXP. Clockwork warriors toned up, and worth more EXP.

- Lurkers and Trappers now grab instead of cut, and do slightly more damage.

- Vlasta now hit for less damage.


- Talismans of Stone To Mud now cheaper.

- Rods of Recall worth more.

- Rods of Trap Location recharge a bit slower.

- Talismans of rapid ligntning/frost bolts are found a little deeper.

- Dal-i-thanon's weight fixed.

Bug fixes

- All items in stores were being generated *ID*'d, which meant that you couldn't later *ID* potions for their formulae. Now, only store ego-items are created *ID*'d.

- Unknown locked doors will no longer be interesting to 'l'ook (they appeared as "unknown grid").

- Lurkers and trappers now work correctly again.

- Potential crash in knowledge screens fixed (thanks to Kieron Dunbar).

- Got rid of a few referrences to msg_print() that snuck back into the code.

EyAngband 0.4.1 -> 0.4.1b

- Fully compatible with 0.4.0/b/c/d savefiles, same caveats apply as for 0.4.1.

- Fully compatible with 0.4.1 savefiles.

Interface Changes

- There are now three alternate interfaces for spell power selection, toggled by an option:

- The first, if the option spellbook_menu1 is off (default), means that if you type a lower-case letter for the spell: maaa, and the top level spell if you type a captial letter: maA.

- The second, if the option spellbook_menu is on, and spellbook_menu2 is off, gives you the lowest level spell if you type a low-case letter: maa, the top level spell if you type a capital: maA, and a menu if you type a capital for the spellbook: mAaa or mAAa.

- The third, if the option spellbook_menu is on, and spellbook_menu2 is on, reverses the capital behavior on spellbook selection, so maa gives you the menu, mAa gives you the lowest level, and mAA, the highest level. Note that if you inscribe the spellbook with a comment such as @m1, you'll get the lower-case behavior when typing 1.

Balance changes

- Spell damage levels/mana costs tweaked.

- Rangers will no longer get to choose spell powers from menus - they will only have the lowest power level available to them.

- Spellsword subspells now given at higher levels than mages, and cost more mana, like other spells.

- Spellswords now have lowered chances of their spells beaming.

Bug fixes

- Minor typos fixed.

- Mana cost for infravision spell corrected.

- Fixed several bugs in the sub-spell selection.

- Magic missile spell now works correctly.

- Browsing/learning spells can no longer crash the game if you press a capital letter.

- You can no longer browse illegible spells.

- The ring of Hades has been removed (a bug because it was not supposed to be in the release version).

- Artifact spoilers now correctly display curse information.

EyAngband 0.4.0d -> 0.4.1

- 0.4.0/b/c/d savefiles are compatible, with the following exceptions:

- Spellcasters will have to re-learn all their spells.

- Spellcasters who use mage books will have their books replaced by the new ones; this means they'll have a different spell selection.

Gameplay changes

- Amnesia attacks now make you forget trap locations.

- You can now rest until your hit points or your spell point are full (thanks to Pav Lucistnik).

- More documentation updated.

- Maximum amount of rods in a stack increased to 4. Rod weight increased slightly.

- Totally reworked how resistances affect effects. Now, the progression is no longer linear and it depends on the specific resistance cap. For example. an 8% confusion resistance gives you no resistance to the confusion effect, a 16% confusion resistance give 5% chance of not being confused, a 30% confusion resistance gives 50% chance, and a 40% confusion resistance makes you immune to the confusion effect. Damage reduction is still simple, though - so an 8% confusion resist reduced confusion damage by 8%. This will hopefully balance the resistances.

- Unresisting monsters hit by nexus attacks might now be teleported a small distance.


- Critical hits improved a bit.

- Very high strength (25+) will allow for more blows with heavy weapons.


- The 9 mage (red) spellbooks have been totally revised. This affects mages, rangers, spellswords and mystics.

- Spells no longer give experience the first time they are cast. Also, the "untried" status has been removed from spells since it's now unimportant.

- Some spells now allow you to choose a power level, where, for different amounts of mana, you get different effects. If you press a capital letter in the spell selection, it will automatically cast the most mana-intensive version of the spell available.

- Browsing now allows you to see info for spells you haven't yet learnt (as long as they are available to your class).


- The experience penalty for mystics, mages, priests, paladins and rangers reduced to account for their losing the spell experience bonus. Spellsword's penalty remaines the same.

- The thief class has been improved:

- They advance levels quicker.

- They get more attacks - they now have the best number of attacks except warriors. Their melee skill, however, is still lower than most fighter classes.

- They get better critical hits when throwing stuff.

- They now get an approximation of an item's worth when "I"nspecting it.

- They get better saving throws.

- Warriors have been improved:

- They now need dexterity 27 to get 6 attacks, instead of 29.

- Better resistances.

- Saving throws improved somewhat.

- They get an extra point of dexterity at startup.

- Very slight reduction of spellsword melee and resistances.


- You can now see alchemical information on potions when 'I'nspecting them (thanks to Pav Lucistnik).

- Rarities for the more powerful DSMs increased.

- New artifact: the Ring of Hades.

- The Elven Cloak of Orodreth now gives +2 stealth.

- Potions of *resistance* now worth less money (though they're still very expensive).


- Monster spoilers now correctly list the colors of multi-hued, mimic and clear monsters.

- Vampire bats are now hurt by light.

- Dzoo-noo-qua are now light red (to avoid confusion with other troll types).

- Orange and blue icky things modified slightly to make their EXP values make sense.

Non-gamepaly changes

- General cleanup of spell effects, removing many unnecessary and inconsistent function layers.

Bug fixes

- Trap/door/wall destruction spells will no longer leave "phantom" doors.

- Monsters with KILL_WALL will no longer leave "phantom" doors after killing doors.

- Players will no longer leave "phantom" door when tunneling.

- Searching now properly displays found traps.

- Cure fear/poison power did nothing.

- Cancallable rods and staves (such as perception) now work correctly.

- Demons and angels now get the correct abilities when levelling.

- Confusion spells could affect you even if you had resistance.

- You will no longer see two "shots" when throwing a powder.

EyAngband 0.4.0c -> 0.4.0d

Gameplay changes

- The penalties for very low constitution slightly increased.

- display_recharge_msg is now a disturbance option.

Help files

- Class and race help files have been updated.


- Resistance levels for all classes and some races lowered. (Reason: they didn't do much, and no one noticed. So, now that they work, they can be lower)


- Purple worms can now KILL_WALL, and they give more experience.

- Several monsters got revised experience values.

- Descriptions of many monsters changed.

Bug fixes

- Non-elemental resistances didn't actually reduce the damage.

- Characters with racial immunities got them too soon.

- Some problems with autosquelching fixed.

- If you have an artifact that raises a resistance cap, you can see that without *ID*ing it.

- I think I actually fixed the bug where broken/open/secret doors would sometimes appear to be closed doors (even though they'd behave more-or-less normally). Though, having said so twice before already, I'm not promising anything.

- Damaged armor can now have a base AC of 0 (so damaged shirts don't have a higher base AC than normal shirts).

- You can no longer lose HP when gaining levels, no matter what your constitution is.

- The artifact knowledge no longer spoils ring, amulet and light-source flavors.

EyAngband 0.4.0b -> 0.4.0c

Bug fixes

- If you couldn't see a trap, it wouldn't affect you (oops).

- Occasionally secret doors were visible before detected.

- Sometimes, broken/openend doors would appear to be closed.

- When you identified an artifact that ignores disenchantment but do not *ID* it, you could get an incorrect message about it being vulnerable to disenchantment.

- Light sources, musical instruments, rings and amulets were incorrectly reported as being vulnerable to disenchantment.

- Character dumps would not display random resistances of items.

EyAngband 0.4.0 -> 0.4.0b

Gameplay change

- Now, item info tells you what kind of attacks an item is vulnerable to.

Bug fixes

- Monsters will no longer leave phantom "doors" when bashing locked doors.

- The object recall window now works correctly.

- Proper message when trying to browse a book in a store (note: it is still impossible to browse in a store, because the amount of reworking necesary to correct this exceeds the utility by far).

- Makefile.std corrected (thanks Darkgod and Keith Willoughby)

- You can no longer buy stuff in the shop using 'm'.

- Fixed message when a single item recharged.

- You could never learn the second component of an alchemical formula.

- Occasionally, player traps would be generated in the dungeon.

- Room descriptions could be generated jumbled.

- Inappropriate symbols could appear in room description titles.

- Several bugs associated with character dumps fixed.

- The browser will no longer crash if you press down when it's empty.

- Monster spoilers will now always include uniques. (You used to need to turn on cheat_know for them to be included because of a bug).

EyAngband 0.3.6 -> 0.4.0

- Not compatible with 0.3.6 or older savefiles.

Gamplay Changes

- Added room descriptions (taken from UnAngband). Each room now has a description which can affect its contents. You can turn the display of room descriptions off by a gameplay option, and also display them in a terminal window.

- Resistances are now percentile. Instead of having an on/off flag, there is now a percentile value to each resistance. All resistance sources are now cumulative. Also, all characters now have intrinsic resistances which rise with level, and depend on race and class. This severly changes game balance - probably a lot of tuning will be necessary.

- Added an option to avoid displaying inscriptions in messages.

- Added an option to display a message whenever an item recharges. (Thanks Behemoth)

- The monster list terminal now shows monster symbols. (Thanks Pav Lucistnik)

- Invisibility revised. Attacking no longer totally cancels temporary invisibilty, just shortens it. Monsters far less likely to cast spells while you're invisible.

- Alchemy rebalanced. Now, all potions have a pval which determines which combinations they can be in.

- Added amulets and rings to the "squelch by quality" menu.

- Totally revised the item 'I'nspection display. It now uses similar code to the monster recall. Also, it will correctly display resists and slays. Finally, it display's the item's history. (based on David Sward's patch)

- The code for generating spoilers has been unified with the monster/item recall code.

- No more self knowledge. Potions of *enlightenment* no longer provide the ability. Potions of self knowledge and the self knowledge spell removed.

- Now, the object browser also supports item "r"ecall.

- Chests have been totally removed from the game. They will return in a future version, in a different form.

- The object recall term window now displays the most recent object recall.

- The character screen now only has two modes.

- You can now display the player's temporary conditions in a term window.

- If you're standing on a trap square, you can activate it by pressing '>' (down). This is so thieves will be able to use trap doors/teleport traps to escape monsters.

- New trap system - there is now an edit file that controls trap types (trap.txt). Glyphs and locks have been re-implemented as traps. Many new trap types added.

- All players now have a chance to bypass a visible trap - going through the square without being affected. Thieves have a much higher chance than other classes.

- Character dumps improved (Thanks to Pav Lucistnik)

- Players can now "magic-lock" doors (well, actually only some classes can). Magic-locked doors are very difficult for monsters to open/bash, but they can be easily opened by the player.

- Monsters unlocking doors no longer depends on their HP, but on their depth. As a general rule, monsters will find it harder to unlock doors. However, there's a new monster PICK_LOCK flag, which will make it easier for the monster to unlock doors.

- Monsters bashing doors also now depends on monster depth, BUT the more damaged they are, the harder it is for them to bash a door.

- Changed the pref file format so that trap types can be assigned graphics (note that the modify visual command has not been updated). You need to add "W:" lines for the trap graphics. Windows preferrences now need "T:" lines, instead of "W:" lines. (yes, that seems to make little sense. But since the trap info is called w_info and windows are called term windows, that seemed to actually be the better way around. I'll probably revise the way .prf files are handled in a future version to solve these problems.)


- Monsters with high AC (relative to your skill) now harder to hit. Bonuses to hit now more important.

- Changed AC. Now, AC no longer reduces damage, but every point of AC is more useful in determining whether you will be hit or not. AC value has been reduced for most items.

- Mana regenration much faster for characters with low mana. This will hopefully allow low-level mages to keep up after the other changes. Also, note that spell/item damage has not been toned down, and so improved relatively to weapons.

- Reduced the maximum damage enchantment bonuses for melee weapons, the maximum level of rings of damage/slaying, and of ego items and artifacts. Also, reduced the damage bonus from very high STR.

- Higher strength required to weild heavier weapons.

- Changed the calculation for amount of blows. This will be worse for most characters. Dexterity is now a lot more important, as is class.

- Weapon weight no longer affects the critical hits. Instead, they are determined heavily by player level and to-hit skill.

- Slays/Brands multiplier lowered, but now they affect entire damage (including bonuses).

- Many weapon weights lowered.


- Random quests are now all stored in the same slot, since there is no reason to keep the history and it just wastes memory.

- Quest reward allocation improved, less likely to end up giving you only ammo.


- Armor penalties for spellcasters revised. Rangers, Bards and Mystics can wear more armor before the penalty kicks in. Also, the penalty is now non-linear, making for a low penalty for wearing a bit more than allowed, a very high penalty for wearing a lot more.

- Spell list for most classes changed.

- All calming spells made more powerful.

- New types of glyphs - lesser glyph of warding (available to mages), which is lot easier for monsters to break than the normal glyph, and holy sigils, which only block movement of undead and demons (but block all summoning), and can be broken by any monster.

- Changed the way healing spells/items work. Now, They heal a percentage of your damage (though each is capped at a minimum). So, for instance, cure light wounds will always heal 5% of your, and cure critical wounds will heal 30% of your damage.


- Total reworking of race list:

- Races removed: Half-elf, high-elf, half-orc, dunadan, half-troll, hobbit.

- New races: Grippli (a frog-like race), Ursa (a bear-like race), Vargr (a wolf-race), and Lizardman.

- New class: Thief. Thieves have moderate fighting skills, great stealth (which improves with levels), and can tell the exact type of a trap by looking at it. They also have the ability to place traps using the 'p' command. Currently, this uses the Oangband trap system, because I didn't have time to implement the system I wanted. This will change in future versions.

- Bards can now get 0% fail rate.


- Item destruction has been toned down.

- Musical instruments are now indestructible (this might change in a future version).

- Added new item flags that protect from certain effect in addition to the resistances. Big thanks to Richard Smith for helping me assign them to the proper items.

- Random artifacts removed. They will be back in a future version, once all the changes to the item system are properly in place, but for now having them around really complicates development.

- Added armor prefixes. They work in a similar way to weapon prefixes.

- Added several new weapon prefixes.

- Added flexible slays - now, different weapons can have different levels of the same slay.

- All potions now feed you a little (except for potion of salt water).

- Many new ego item types added.

- Added several items: Hatchet, Cleaver, Stout Stick, Three-Piece-Staff, Blackrock Quarterstaff, Apples, Piece of Ambrosia, Mysterious Piece of Meat, Silver Crown, Shirt, Potion of Stealth, Silver Arrows, Silver Bolts, Staff of Barriers, Talismans of Rapid fire/acid/frost/lightning bolts.

- Removed several items: Lance, Pint of Nectar, Filthy Rag, potion of self knowledge.

- The Beacon of Om now has an activation.

- The Massive Iron Crown of Morgoth now give +50 stats, not +125 - still more than enough, but the old value could cause display problems.

- All potions now feed the player the same amount.

- Artifacts added: The Cleaver of Fendilo (Gumband).

- Artifacts removed: The Lance of Eorlingas,


- Reorganized the letters for many monsters:

- 'y'eeks have been removed.

- 'l'ice have been removed.

- 'F'lies have been removed (some flies become 'I'nsects).

- 'g'olems are now 'A'utomata.

- 'G'hosts are now 'g'hosts.

- Giant 'P'eople are now 'G'iants.

- 'p'eople split to low-level 'p'eople and high-level 'P'eople.

- 'l'ycanthropes added.

- 'F'aeries added.

- 'Y'etis become 'y'etis.

- 'M'ulti-headed reptiles become h'Y'dras.

- 'z'ombies split into 'z'ombies and 'M'ummies.

- 'H'ybrids become 'H'ags. (Harpies remain 'H's, but most other 'H's becomes 'q'uardrapeds).

- Many new monsters added, many monsters removed, and many monsters changed. Don't assume anything about monsters just because you know them in another variant (or an older version).

- Elementals no longer fail when casting spells.

- New "ego" monsters, which currently are for flavor only and don't affect gameplay.

- New monster flag: EVASIVE. Monsters with this flag have a chance of evading your blows and blinking away.

- New monster spell: S_FAERY.

- Removed the ESCORT/ESCORTS and FRIEND/FRIENDS double-flag redundancy. Added a new flag, MANY, which combines with a group (either kind) to make it larger.

- Removed the S_WRAITH monster spell. The wraith uniques are now handled similarly to all other uniques.

- The POWERFUL monster flag has been renamed to the less confusing WIDE_BREATH, and has been removed from all monsters without breath attacks.

- New attack methods: GRAB

- Monsters with stealing attacks now blink a shorter distance away.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug associated with spellbook rewards (Thanks to Pav Lucistnik and Behemoth)

- Fixed a message bug when shooting/throwing your last missile.

- Fixed a bug whereby Lokkak didn't get his summoning spells.

- Fixed a few bugs with monster spoilers.

- Fixed possible freeze error when generating levels.

- Fixed spellcasters' armor penalties.

- Random class selection again chooses a legal class.

- Fixed the incorrect special quest failure bugs.

- Fixed the quest reward artifact bugs. (Thanks to Kieron Dunbar).

- Fixed the special quest failure bug.

- Stacking bugs for wands and staves have been fixed.

- Behavior of rods and talismans in shops has been fixed.

- Fixed mana breathers that actually breathed disenchantment.

- Fixed possible freeze error when generating levels.