EyAngband 0.1.3 -> 0.1.4

- Quests assigned by the Adventurer's guild now considerably harder, as both the quantities of monsters needed have been increased and (in difficult and challenging quests) the depths from which the monsters will be chosen. In addition, if you have a quest for a specific dungeon level and are spending time on other dungeon levels, the quest has a chance of being marked "failed". On the positive side, if you succesfully complete a quest, you can return to the guild and recieve a reward - the harder the quest, the greater the reward (rewards range from gold to excellent items).

- Point based character creation tweaked a bit - now all stats start at 9, and you have 55 points to allocate. Raising a stat from 9 to 10 costs 1 point. Spare points only give 25 gold.

- Added a "pre-shop for basic items" birth option, which gives the starting character a lantern, some flasks of oil, a cloak, a potion of cure light wounds and a scroll of phase door at the expense of 100 gold.

- Added Zangband style "equippy" character bar beneath the gold display.

- Fixed several typos in spell descriptions.

- Fixed bug in the Ranger spellbook.

- The spell levels for Raal's Tome of Destruction fixed.

- Fixed a nasty memory overflow bug that caused crashes when ported to Amiga and Macintosh (thanks to Bablos and Rowan Beentje for both porting and pin-pointing the bug).

- Fixed a potential crash bug when mixing potions (thanks Reid Eddy for finding the bug).

- The following bugs inherited from Vanilla 2.9.1 have been fixed:

- When examining/looking at flavored items in stores the flavor is displayed

- The description of the genocide artifact activation is broken

- Random class selection at character birth isn't restricted to legal class choices

- The recall artifact activation does work in ironman mode

- init1.c contains dead code

- Avavir has a wrong activation

(fixes taken from bugs page on Thangorodrim)

EyAngband 0.1.2 -> 0.1.3

- Fixed bug which allowed mystics to cast spells when confused or blinded from non-mystic spellbooks.

- Fixed staff stacking bug.

- Added semi-random quests, which are achievable through a new "adventurers guild" building. You go into the building and choose a quest based on difficulty and it gets assigned to you. Currently, you gain no special rewards for completing the quests, nor can uniques be part of these quests. This will be improved in future versions.

- Replaced "known uniques" screen with new "monster knowledge" screen taken and modified from Kamband (it includes all the unique info + info on all other monsters as well). Note that uniques appear both in their own list and in their letter's list.

- Considerably smaller chances of a level generating a "special" feeling if it doesn't have an artifact in perserve off mode.

- Turning monster AI on no longer causes monsters to cast spells twice as often.

- Added "no level feelings" ironman option.

- Paladins and Mystics can no longer get a radius 3 Orb of Draining (priests can).

- The spell "detect enchantment" now works properly.

- Unused points in character creation are converted into 50 gold pieces rather than 100. However, you get 50 rather than 48 points to distribute.

- Paladins returned to depending on wisdom only for spell calculations, not charisma.

- Mystics' experience factor slightly increased.

- Mystics' mana bonus has been reduced, though they still get significantly more than other classes. The reduction is mainly noticable after stat gain - the low INT/WIS range has not been affected by this change.

- Mystics no longer get as severe a mana penalty for wearing heavy armor as they used to, but the distrub threshold has been reduced, so they start getting penalized for less armor.

- Demons no longer aggravate monsters at high levels, but they no longer gain intrisic resist electricity, feather falling, or see invisible.

- Angels no longer aggravate monsters at high levels, but they no longer get intrisic resist darkness, resist blindness, nor sustain intelligence.

- Fixed the alchemy memory so that it won't be remembered after death.

- Fixed the high-score list

- Corrected the typo in the name of the mystic spellbook "seven steps to transcendence".

Monster Changes

- Death swords are now deeper and worth more exp, gremlins now shallower and worth less exp (to discourage gremlin farming), pseduo dragons worth slightly less exp.

- Snarl the small kobold slightly weakened and is now found at 50'. He now has a chance of dropping an item (similar to normal kobold).

Item Changes

- Elven cloaks no longer give stealth bonuses, Shadow cloaks give smaller stealth bonus.

- Powder prices reduced.

EyAngband 0.1.1 -> 0.1.2:

General Changes

- Savegame format changed - older savefiles can be read, but magic-users will discover that they have to relearn all their spells (0.1.0 savefiles will also suffer all the effects of converting to 0.1.1).

- Added Oangband style rod stacking (but not wand stacking).

- Incorporated the autosquelch patch (by David T. Blackston).

- Updated Iain McFall's monster list patch to the latest version.

- Alchemy has been totally revised. Now, there is only a single combination of potions to create each potion, which is randomly determined at the beginning of the game. When a player drinks a potion, there is a chance (depending on his alchemy skill) that he will learn the formula to produce it. Known alchemical formulae can be accessed from the "knowledge" screen ("~"), then choosing 4. Note that Alchemy is never certain, and the chance is dependant on the quality of the resulting potion - so even if you know the forumla for potions of *resistance* you'll probably not be able to mass-produce them without a very high alchemy skill. Alchemy skill is now also influenced by intelligence. Casting *identify* on a potion will reveal how to make it and in what formulae it is a member.

- Removed the concept of "realms" from the spell system. Now, different classes get to pick a list of spellbooks in c_info.txt, and specify a handicap for each.

- Usable spellbooks appear in the inventory in the same color as they are on the ground. Unusable spellbooks appear dark grey.

- Rangers can no longer use the fourth mage spellbook (but they can still use the first two dungeon books). Instead, they get a new dungeon spellbook of their own.

- Priest spell "elemental brand" replaced with "Sanctify Shots", which gives bullets and shots slay evil.

- Fixed the running and targetting bugs while using monster lights.

- Trying to destroy an artifact will inscribe it with "indestructible" if not pseduo-id'd, or "special"/"terrible" if already pseudo id'd as "good" or "cursed". Also, if it's already known to be "indestructible", pseduo ID will still work (and provide the correct inscription).

- Finally fixed the PSEDUO_ID flags in c_info.txt so that paladins get slow pseduo-id and priests get faster pseduo_id (as in vanilla).

- Good drops will now drop some of the new objects.

- Doubled the maximum amount of objects in z_info.txt to 512.

Item Changes

- Whips are no longer sold at the temple, wooden clubs are.

- Paladins no longer start with a spellbook. Instead, they get a shield.

- The Fail penalty of the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom altered somewhat.

- Added scroll of elemental brand (more powerful than old spell - can create weapons of all four elements, and can enchant piles of missiles as well).

- Potions of resistance and *resistance* now properly identified when used.

- Potions of satisfy hunger made more expensive.

- Fixed bugs in mushrooms (thanks to Ron Boucher for noticing them).

Monster Changes

- Rat-things made slightly deeper and they now give more experience.

EyAngband 0.1.0b -> 0.1.1:

General Changes

- Incorporated Dr. Andrew White's Monster light patch, which can be turned on and off by a user-configurable option.

- Incorporated Prnoff's custom quests from a2.9.1 (though no new quests have been added).

- Incorporated Iain McFall's monster list patch (as usual, I altered the color scheme a bit).

- c_info.txt improved:

-Starting equipmant allocation has been changed ,you can now give each class 0-4 items, and specify quantities for each.

- Class titles are now definable in "T:" lines.

- The "G:", "I:", and "M:" lines have been combined.

- Classes can now recieve two different spell stats, in which case mana and fail rates will be calculated according to the average of the two stats.

- Mana and fail rates for paladins now determined by both wisdom and charisma,

- Mana and fail rates for mystics now determined by both intelligence and wisdom.

- The ranger now starts with a few arrows.

- Greatly reduced chance of potion mixing success. (The promised revision of potion mixing will take place in the next version)

- Colorized monster memory, using green for all numbers except level of out of depth monsters which is red. (inspired by CatHangband)

- Removed a nasty bug that caused Morgoth never to appear.

- Altered savefile format and added routines for converting 0.1.0 savefiles, with the following caveats:

- Games with Randarts will not be converted.

- Rings might be transformed into other rings - however, in all cases, the new ring is better than the one it replaces, and includes the old ring's functionality.

- All "flavor" objects (potions, scrolls, wands, amulets, etc.) will now be known.

- You should delete any {playername}.prf files created by 0.1.0 unless you want Morgoth to be a white G.

- Mage spell "absorb hit" altered (can now absorb more than one hit per casting, but is timed).

- Changed display of hitpoints and spellpoints on the main screen - instead of two rows each they now take one row each ("current/maximum").

- Fixed a bug in the inventory of the mage store.

- Mana is no longer incorrectly displayed if you wear armor heavy enough to reduce your max mana to 0.

- Updated help files.

Item Changes

- Whips are no longer sold at the temple, wooden clubs are.

- Powders now properly identified when they are thrown.

- Major item revision:

- New items added: Mushroom of Restore Dexterity, Pint of Nectar, Blades of Stability, Wooden Clubs, Knight's Helm, Wizard's Robes, Elven Cloaks (Oangband), Kite Shield, Scrolls of Absorb Hit, Lanterns of sight, Powder Vials of Freezing, Potions of resistance, Potions of *resistance*.

- Rings revised:

- Ring of Intelligence removed.

- Rings of resist fire and cold combined.

- Sustain rings combined : strength and charisma, dexterity and constitution, wisdom and intelligence.

- Ring of sustaining renamed ring of sustain all.

- Rings of Fire, Ice, and Acid now provide immunity to their elements, but have been made much rarer and deeper, and provide a lower bonus to AC.

- Added Rings of Lightning, Resist Confusion, Resist Acid and Electricity, and Greatness (+ to all stats).

- Added cursed rings of slowness and drain life.

- Amulet of Intelligence added (note that amulets of stat do NOT sustain stats like rings of stat do).

- Items improved: Shadow Cloak, which now provides a bonus to stealth.

- Skeletons (the item, not the monster) have been totally removed from the game.

- Cloaks of Stealth give bigger stealth bonus.

- The Phial of Galadriel's depth has been lowered slightly, to make it a bit harder to find.

- The *thanc series of daggers, and the paur* series of gauntlets, have been both raised a bit in depth and made a bit more common.

- Fixed color of Platinum Amulet from black to grey (thanks to Ron Boucher for pointing this out).

EyAngband 0.1.0 -> 0.1.0b:

- If you set a high spell handicap in c_info.txt, spells pushed above level 50 now appear as "illegible"

- Fixed the bug which caused the mage spell "haste self" to actually be "fire ball"

- Fixed the pseudo-id speed flags (they were mixed up), and seperated heavy pseudo id into a seperate one, pseudo_id_heavy.

- Lowered the success rate for mixing potions (chance of explosion remains the same). Note that potion mixing will be reworked in the next version.

- Demons no longer get intrisic slow digestion, and they no longer gain an experience penalty for killing evil creatures. Their experience factor has been raised.

- Fixed the c_info.txt typo which made priests get a wisdom penalty.

- Fixed the c_info.txt typo which made paladins fail to get the proper starting equipment.

- Fixed the c_info.txt typo which let Rangers use the seventh mage spellbook.

- Fixed an r_info.txt typo in the definition of the giant grey snake.

EyAngband 0.0.2 -> 0.1.0:

General Changes

- Classes are now configurable using the new c_info.txt file. It's currently sort of rough around the edges, and it does something really ugly in order to give you the level titles - I'll fix it next version.

- Added two new races - Angel and Demon: Both are different from other races in that their racial name and bonuses do not remain static, but rather grow with the levels. (these additional bonuses take effect even if maximize is off). They both start out very weak, and grow into real power machines. In addition, they gain racial powers which can be activated using the "U" command ("O" on the roguelike set). These racial powers improve over the levels. On the down side, not only do both races have high experience requirements, demons get far less experience from killing evil creatures, and angels get far less experience from killing non-evil creatures - which makes advancement much harder for both races (uniques always give full exp, though).

- Added Mystic class, as follows:

- Mystics use wisdom as their spellcasting stat, get twice the mana other classes do for comparable stats/level, and gain spells faster. Also, their spells tend to have greater effects.

- They can use the first 4 mage books and the first 3 priest books, and all the artifact books. They also get two new dungeon spellbooks, with a very powerful selection of spells.

- They can cast spells when confused or blinded, but only from the two new spellbooks.

- They are the worst fighters in the game, and only slightly better with magical devices than warriors. Mystics are supposed to rely on their spells. They do have a high throw skill, though (see below).

- Removed the "maximize" option. Race bonuses are always "maximized", i.e. they are applied throughout the game. Class bonuses are only applied during character creation.

- Changed the way skills are stored, to enable easier addition of skills in this and future versions.

- Dig skill is now adjustable by class/race. Elfs, high-elfs, and angels now get a small minus to dig. Half-orcs and Half-trolls now get a small bonus to dig. Dwarves and gnomes get a larger bonus. Class does not currently affect digging.

- Throwing skill is now seperate from bow skill. Halflings get a slightly higher throw skill than their shooting skill. Half-orcs and half-trolls do not get a throwing penalty, despite getting a bow penalty. High-elves and Dunadan are less skillful in throwing than in shooting. All classes have equal throwing and bow skills except warriors and mystics who are better at throwing (warrior bow skill has not been changed). Note that throwing skill is not effected by the quality of your shooting weapon and thus is higher to raise.

- There is a new Alchemy skill used for mixing potions (see below). Mages are best at it, then rangers, mystics, priests, and warriors. Paladins are terrible at it. Gnomes get a bonus and hobbits get a slightly lower bonus.

- p_info format updated to reflect above changes.

- Changed the character display screen to reflect the above changes.

- Added a "U:" field in p_info.txt which determines special racial powers.

- Players can now mix potions using the new "x" command ("$" on roguelike keyboard). You have to supply two different potions, which are then destroyed and a third potion is created. The potion created for each combination of potions is randomly determined at character creation. The chance for success decreases the more the resulting potion is worth, and is modified by the character's alchemy skill. If the success chance is low, the player may take damage from the failure. Since there is no way to determine what potion will be created without trying at least once, this is risky at best.

- Autoscum is now a birth option - you can choose between autoscummed levels or not during character creation, and can't change your choice during the game.

- Updated p_info.txt to reflect the removal of rogues (oops).

- Added a book store (idea and some code stolen from Oangband).

- Some store inventories changed:

- Temple still sells a selection of scrolls, potions, and weapons, but some choices have changed.

- Alchemist now sells only powders (see below) and potions.

- Spellbooks and other scrolls sold at the bookstore.

- Magic store sells larger selection of wands.

- The Black Market has been modified. It's inventory now depends on your recall depth, making for less powerful (but cheaper) objects early on in the game, and better objects later on.

- Priest title "Priest Lord" changed to "Archpriest".

- Fixed a bug that turned the priest spell "call light" into "detect monsters".

- Added an option "verify destroy worthless objects" which defaults to false; unless it's on, you don't need to verify the destruction of junk/cursed objects. (Oangband).

- Removed the following obsolete options: Use corners while running, Allow Quantity Specification.

Item Changes

- Add new item type - throwing powders ('*').

- Implemented the item changes from Johnathan Ellis's edit patch, with some minor modifications.

- Added Ethereal DSM.

Monster Changes

- Implemented Johnathan Ellis's edit patch selectively - some monsters have been changed, added and removed according to it and other have stayed the same. Monsters I have removed in earlier version did not return.

- The storm of Unmagic has been beefed up, and made into a unique ("The Great Storm of Unmagic").

- New monsters: Cockatrice, Wendigo, Pricurico, Dzoo-noo-qua, Troglodyte + many added from Johnathan Ellis's patch

- Gug's now 'P' rather than 'G'.

EyAngband 0.0.1 -> 0.0.2:

General changes

- Spell system organized a bit better (coding change, no direct effect on playing).

- Spell browsing color schemed changed again.

- Broke the savefile format, and can not read 0.0.1 savefiles. Sorry about that.

- Mage spells rebalanced - added more offensive spells and defensive spells instead of some of the detection and healing spells. Also, added a dimension door (controlled teleport) spell. Globe of Invulnerability has been replaced by Globe of Resilence which reduces damage to 2/3. Also, mana costs and fail rates have been altered.

- Rangers rebalanced. They now can get all the spells in the first 6 magic books (including Genocide), they just get them 2 levels later, and higher level spells have a slightly higher mana cost. However, they can no longer use the 3 most powerful books at all.

- Paladins rebalanced. They can still use all of the prayer books but now recieve spells 4 levels later than priests do - that means that in levels 1-4 they have to rely solely on melee. Higher level spells have considerably higher mana costs compared to priests. The minimum fail rate for paladins is now 7% (was 5%).

- Added player invisibility (copied from Drangband 2.9.5)

- Artifact spellbooks will not be affected by turning on randarts.

- Balanced artifact spellbooks by causing BAD things to happen if the spell fails.

- Trying to wear a new ring when you are already wearing two asks you which one to replace (copied from Oangband).

- Tweaked the spellbook colors a bit further.

Monster Changes

- New monster flag: SEE_INVIS. Note that only very few monsters have this.

- New attack method: KISS

- Nameless Horrors colors changed, plus they are now evil and are hurt by light.

- Added: Sirens, Dementors (took some liberty with Harry Potter here by making them Vampires), Blast-end skwerts.

- Added Uniques: Snarl the small kobold, Squish, Lord Voldemort, The Great Sentient Treasure, The Shrike.

- Removed Uniques: Both Farmer Maggot's dogs.

- Renamed The Mouth of Sauron to Archimago.

- Corrected all the missing spaces in the monster descriptions.

Item Changes

- Added a new item keyword: INVIS.

- The One ring now offers invisibility. (Drangband)

- Added new ego item - Cloak of invisibility. (Drangband)

- Added amulets of invisibility. (Drangband)

- Added potion of invisibility.

- Modified the spells offered by The Codex of Ultimate Wisdom, made it a bit easier to find.

- Added new artifact spellbook - The Necronomicon, usable by both priests and mages.

- Added 2 new artifact lights sources - The Beacon of Om and the Great Lamp of Cheradenine.

- Flasks of Oil have been renamed "Lantern Oil". They now only give 5000 turns of light, do only 2d4 damage when thrown, and have been priced down to 2 GP.

- Added a new flask - Oil of Burning. It gives 15000 turns of light, and causes 3d10 damage when thrown.

Angband 2.9.1 -> EyAngband 0.0.1:

General Changes

- Added cheat "no automatic saves".

- Graphics off by default.

- New spell system, a cross between the Oangband spell system, the Vanilla one, and my own modifications. Offers the following differences from Vanilla 2.9.1:

- Allows more than one spell-book type per class (used for Artifact spellbooks, see below)

- Oangband style spell "tips"

- Combined magic/prayer commands - both "p" and "m" work equally well for both classes.

- The color scheme for browsing spellbooks has been changed.

- Removed support for old Angband savefiles.

- Removed the rogue class.

- Added Rodent nests

- Monster health bar copied from Oangband.

- Info bar on left now shows EXP left to next level.

- If your maximum SP is 0, it is no longer displayed.

- The "study" display now shows how many spells left to study. Removed the old message.


- Removed Novice Paladins.

- Renamed Novice Rangers to Novice Hunters.

- The "Angel" (A) monster class has been removed and replaced with the "Nameless Horrors" (N). Accordingly, the S_ANGEL monster spell changed to S_HORROR. Note that the horrors' stats have been copied from the old angels and only slightly modified.

- Added: (from Oangband, Pernband, + my own ideas) Cockroaches, Giant Umber Hulks, Headless, Giant Blue Lice, Subterrenean Hawks, Creeping Gems, Maddened Weasel, Greedy Little Gnome, Crows of Durthang, Owlbear, Killer bee, Flying Skull, Death Sword, Nibelung, Rat-thing, Giant Slug, Gremlin, Rock Mole, Knight Archer, Hellcat, Vlasta, Rust Monster, Mimic (chest), Ice skeleton, Gug, Spectator, Headless Ghost, Great Mumak, Storm of unmagic, Clockwork Solider, Pack rats, Mana Vortex, Pikachu + New townfolk.

- New uniques: Scuttle, Mime the Nibelung, Bealzebub

- Giant fruit fly now a 'F'

Item Changes

- Added Leather Sandals.

- New potions: Potion of Risk, Potion of Deformity.

- New scrolls: Scroll of Summon Dragon, Scroll of Alter Reality.

- Replaced scroll of Satisfy Hunger with potion of Satisfy Hunger.

- Added new artifact spellbook - the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom, usable by both priests and mages.